Legend Gold


Guarantee of QualityYour concern for high quality products and services is the major reason you choose to do business with any company. Laser Concepts, employs the latest in remanufacturing techniques to ensure that you consistently receive the highest quality and most reliable toner cartridges. When you put a cartridge in your machine, you expect great results for the life of the cartridges. And with Laser Concepts’ remanufactured toner cartridges, that’s just what you’ll get, cartridges that work the first time, every time! Laser Concepts has been remanufacturing cartridges since 1989 with a management staff combining over 65 years of experience. As a result, we know the remanufacturing techniques that make these units work, and equally important, what doesn’t work. In an industry like ours, there are many companies who are not properly trained or do not have the necessary experience to produce a consistently excellent quality product.


Legend GOLD

    • Best Quality
    • Most Reliable
    • Longest Life
    • Highest User Savings with 20% MORE PRINTS!


Laser Concepts guarantees your complete satisfaction on each Legend Series cartridge. We guarantee that each Legend Series cartridge is free from defects in material and workmanship. Under normal usage and storage, this products is guaranteed to perform as well as or better than the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM) supply.

Laser Concepts will, at it’s option, repair or replace the Legend Series cartridge or credit or refund your investment of any of our Legend Series cartridge found to be defective.

Laser Concepts warrants that, subject to the conditions below and under normal usage (including operation of printer equipment within specifications) our Legend Series cartridge will not cause any damage, abnormal wear, or deterioration to any compatible printers. If the defect in a Legend Series cartridge causes a printer to fail, Laser Concepts will credit our customers for the amount of service and repair of the printer. This guarantee is dependent upon the customer providing Laser Concepts with satisfactory evidence that the printer failure was due to a defect in a Legend Series cartridge, including a written statement on the service company’s letterhead, dated and signed by the company’s field service representative. Additionally, this guarantee is dependent upon the customer returning the defective Legend Series cartridge to Laser Concepts upon which the quality assurance technician will review the claim. If it is determined by our technician that the Legend Series cartridge is defective and caused the problem, the claim will be credited.

Laser Concepts liability here under shall be limited to repair, replacement, credit or refund as provided above. The Laser Concepts remanufactured Legend Series cartridge guarantee does not cover damage resulting from misuse, nor can we assume responsibility for consequential damage. No additional liability beyond those in the above guarantee is stated or implied.

Laser Concepts is here to help and answer any technical questions or problems on our customer service hotline at (303) 466-0900 or (800)467-5273.

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